The 11th Open Balkan Bridge Championship will be held in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, on 3 - 4 October, 2018.

It is open to national teams of the Balkan countries and will be organized by the Bulgarian Bridge Federation and the Bridge Sport Club of Stara Zagora with the exclusive support of the Stara Zagora Municipality.

The venue of the 11th Balkan Bridge Championship will be the luxurious Vereya Hotel in Stara Zagora.

The idea of organizing this event was first conceived at the 26th International Festival, which took place in Stara Zagora in 2007. The 11th edition of this event is comming after 10th Balkan Teams Championships, which have been organized in last years and were very well received by the players and guests thanks to the excellent organization.

The reigning Balkan Champion is Bridge + team from Bulgaria.

Immediatly after the Balkan Bridge Championship 37th International Open Bridge Festival will be held. Everybody is able to take part in the various tournaments without advance qualification. There are competitions for every taste: Pairs and Teams, open to all players.

The Open Balkan Bridge Championshipand and the main Open Teams from the 37th International Festival will be broadcasted by BBO.