12th Balkan Bridge Championship
 I. General Statement
1. The 12th Open Balkan Bridge Championship will be held in Bulgaria, Stara Zagora, Hotel Verea on 2 - 3 October, 2019.
2. In competition will participate teams and players from England, Romania, Greece, Serbia, Nord Macedonia, Turkey, Bulgaria.
3. Balkan Bridge Championship will be played under Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017,
EBL Alerting Policy, EBL Systems Policy and present Rules & Regulations (You can download the full verson of the Rules and Regulations).
4. The entry fee is 300€ per team.
5. Prize Fund A1- 800€ + Cups, A2 - 600€  + Cups, A3 - 400€  + Cups, A4 - 360€, B1 - 300€, C1 - 300€, D1 - 300€.

II. Format

6. Prior to play teams will be registered in two groups (A and B) of nine. Round Robin of 7 rounds of 10 boards matches will be played in a single session without seating changes or comparing. Byes will play against each other. After Round Robin stage will be created four groups of four teams each (two teams from A plus two teams from B and so) according to the ranking. Two more rounds knock-outs of 14 boards matches will be played in groups. For the first match first team from one group will play against second team from the other group.

Tie-breaking procedure and CO:
1. With the VPs result of the match between those two teams.
2. When there is no difference in VPs scored, any difference in IMPs in the mach will decides.
3. When there is no difference in IMPs scored, any difference in TPs in the match will desides.
4. If there still be a tie, then the IMP quotient of all matches will be taken into consideration to break the tie.
5. There will be NO carry over (CO) in all knock-out matches. In case of a tie in the semifinal, the higher ranking team wins. In case of a tie in the final, when meet two teams with different ranking, the higher ranking decides. When meet two teams with same ranking the most VPs from the RR decides.

III. Systems, Convention cards, Time penalties, Technical aspects

8. For this event all systems and conventions will be permitted, subject to adequate disclosure, but teams using HUM systems and Brown Sticker  must submit their Convention Cards in advance.
9. Every pair has to bring 2 conventional cards.
10. Players are not authorized to look at their system card during the auction or the play but, subject to Law 42B2(b), declaring side (only) may consult their own system card during the Clarification period.
11. Openings 1NT and 2NT, if natural, may open with small singleton if it is a part of the system; tolerance is 1 HCP and singleton A or K.
12. The time for a 10 boards matches is 1:25 h and for 14 boards - 2 h.
13. Any team that is not seated and ready to play at the start of a period of play will be fined 1 VP and for each completed period of 5 minutes thereafter a further 1VP. Players are requested to be seated 5 minutes before the scheduled start of play.
14. If at the end of the allocated time play has not been completed, fines will be imposed as follows:
0 - 5 min 1 VP (both sides 0.5 VP)
6 - 10 min 2 VP (both sides 1 VP)
11 - 15 min 4 VP (both sides 2 VP)
16 - 20 min 6 VP (both sides 3 VP)
21 - 25 min 10 VP (both sides 5 VP)
26 and more Appeal Committee may impose a more several penalty.
15. The boards have been pre-dealt and duplicated.
16. Screens will be used during the Tournament.
17. At each table North is responsible for completing the official score-card,
which should be compared and collected at the end of each match.
18. Every round one match will be broadcasted by BBO.
19. Smoking is prohibited in the playing area.
20. The consumption of alcoholic beverages of any nature is prohibited.
21. Mobile phones and electronic devices may not be brought into the playing area.


22. The Appeal Committee will be known before starts of the Tournamnet.
23. Chief Tournament Director is Razvan Spiridonescu from Romania, who is responsible for all rules and regulations.
24. Tournament Director is Dimitar Georgiev from Bulgaria.

IT operator is Georgi Parvanov who are responsible for BBO broadcasting.


38th International Bridge Festival
Stara Zagora

4 October, 15:00

Open Pairs - Session 1


Open Pairs - Session 2

5 October, 10:00

Open Teams - rounds 1 - 3

     5 October, 15:30

Open Teams - rounds 4 - 7

6 October, 9:30

Open Teams - rounds 8 - 11